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A $15 million contract was awarded to Premiere Reticles based in Winchester, Virginia, for the supply of day sights to replace the Unertl scopes that the marines had previously used and which were becoming increasingly temperamental in battlefield conditions.
The unit drops onto the existing day sight without any further adjustment.
The Tiger thermal sight for the medium range missile will have X1 magnification, with input and output aligned, and will clip over the day sight.
Commander's Gyro-Stabilised Sight: Panoramic day sight with laser rangefinder produced by SFIM(France).
Tenders are invited for Providing Telescopic day sight (magnification 3x min) for 5.
40am peak approached, there was still a sight to be seen as day sight to be seen as day appeared to turn to dusk.
Half day sight seeing excursion in Rome with local guide
111 Qioptiq Lightweight day sight 10,835 Elcan Close quarter battlesight 19,122 Shield Underslung grenade launcher sight 784 Istec UGL tire control system 2,090 Vectronix Commander's target locator 2,471 Vectronix Lightweight infantry periscope 856 Uniscope Ruggedised digital camera 856 Olympus UK Conversion of existing Maxikite 2s & common 4,176 Qioptiq weapon sights to meet Fist requirements