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a day boarder who is a boy

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Rachael, a day pupil at pounds 18,000-a-year Bromsgrove School, in Worcester Road, will be praying for the performance of her life when she takes to the grass courts of the world-famous tennis arena in south London.
The princess, who will be known as Beatrice York, will be a day pupil.
The pipe broke as 17-year-old day pupil Martin O'Keane tried to reach an upstairs window.
As a day pupil Kaitlin, who hopes to become a musician or music teacher, is surrounded by similar pupils at the girls' day house which is her base and home-fromhome between lessons, of which there are about eight per day.
Until the end of last term, for several years John had scanned the morning papers in the sixth form common room with a day pupil whose mother dropped him off early.
Beatrice, 19, was a day pupil at St George's School.
The annual bill for educating a child privately as a day pupil is now pounds 9,627, up from pounds 6,820 in 2002, according to Britain's biggest mortgage lender, Halifax.
In 1985, it cost an average of pounds 1,806 to send a child to a private school as a day pupil, but by 2005 this had soared to pounds 8,388.
There are more than 600 pupils at the school, which charges pounds 9,000 for a day pupil and pounds 16,000 for a boarder.
The cost of independent education per term: Howell's School, Cardiff pounds 1,435 to pounds 2,310 Llandovery College Boarders pounds 3,300 to pounds 5,595 and day pupils pounds 1,585 to pounds 3,370 Christ College, Brecon Boarding from pounds 4,385 to pounds 5,605 and day pupils pounds 3,290 to pounds 4,350 Rougemont School, Newport Day pupils pounds 1,533 to pounds 2,373 Haberdashers' Monmouth School for Girls Boarding fees from pounds 5,082 to pounds 5,256 and day pupil fees pounds 2,310 to pounds 2,940
Day pupil figures in Worcestershire private schools rose by 1.
The average termly fee for a day pupil in the West Midlands, based on 2001 figures, now stands at pounds 1,991 compared with pounds 4,496 for a full boarding youngster.
The cost of independent education varies from school to school, and depends on the level of education proposed ( pre-school, preparatory, senior ( and whether a day pupil or boarding.
She will be a day pupil in Churchill House at the girls school which is close to the family home in Sunninghill.
He said: "I could've been a day pupil but I chose boarding because I liked the idea of always being with my friends and having access to all the facilities.