Columbus Day

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a legal holiday commemorating the discovery of America by Christopher Columbus

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The Housing Minister praised good organisation and massive popular turnout on the second day of the race, pointing out that the even is developing every year with more activities and a growing number of spectators.
Reserves coming in on the day of the race, for example the Ayr Gold Cup, could cause travel problems, but generally it would be better for trainers if the system changed.
The track is not letting the Late Model teams test the Hoosiers before the race and will not be supplying tires to teams until the day of the race.
Kashurba reports that it was over 130 degrees fahrenheit on the first day of the race.
We will provide a camera boat the day of the race or for the practice race.
deductions from returns determined by the price of a non-runner - on day of the race markets, the rest revert all bets to Starting Price.
But the actual day of the race on Labor Day weekend has not been confirmed and is likely to be Sunday.
On the day of the race, we phoned the track to again check the going and was told it remained unchanged.
on the day of the race at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum at Exposition Park, 3911 South Figueroa St.
More than 120,000 people attend the Preakness on the day of the race at Pimlico and throughout Maryland's network of off-track wagering outlets.
As an indication of the BHB's flexible approach, Delmonte added: 'We next plan to address the question of whether the deadline should be extended further, to allow reserves to come in on the day of the race.
Services for Justin, who died of leukemia, were held the day of the race two weeks ago and many from the local running community missed the race to be there.