Day of Judgment

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(New Testament) day at the end of time following Armageddon when God will decree the fates of all individual humans according to the good and evil of their earthly lives

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Thus, if a man kept his place all a long summer's day, he might see pass before him pageant after pageant until he had seen the whole story of the world, from the Creation to the Day of Judgment.
But," I said, "surely you are not quite correct, for you start on the assumption that all the poor people, or their spirits, will have to take their tombstones with them on the Day of Judgment.
I require and charge you both (as ye will answer at the dreadful day of judgment, when the secrets of all hearts shall be disclosed), that if either of you know any impediment why ye may not lawfully be joined together in matrimony, ye do now confess it; for be ye well assured that so many as are coupled together otherwise than God's Word doth allow, are not joined together by God, neither is their matrimony lawful.
The sisters in the convent used to tell me of a day of judgment, when everything is coming to light;--won't there be vengeance, then!
I believe nearly every child who is much alone goes through a certain time of hourly expecting the Day of Judgment, and I had made up my mind that on that Day the heavenly host would enter the world by that very field, coming down the slope in shining ranks, treading the daffodils under foot, filling the orchard with their songs of exultation, joyously seeking out the sheep from among the goats.
by the light of the great Day of judgment should trace back his fall to her.
He advised the judges to keep the Day of Judgment in mind before doing justice.
Therefore, in this article linking the developments to the day of judgment and how some countries are preparing for WW3.
The one and only key for success on the day of judgment is the love one posses in his heart for Prophet and his offspring.
The day of judgment is either approaching, or it is not.
Those grilling [the family] we will arrange the Day of Judgment for you.
Almighty Allah has provided Islamic messages with continuous characteristics and fulfilment of human needs till the Day of Judgment, demonstrating in effect one of Almighty Allah's wisdoms.
These bible scriptures also reveal that if you fail to fulfill your godly purpose while on earth, you will not be pardoned, excused, or forgiven by Jesus on the Day of Judgment," he added.
While fasting remember the hunger and thirst o n the Day of Judgment.
Al-Buhairi's lawyer Jamil Saad told AFP: "Islam Al-Buhairi didn't insult religions because the pillars of Islam are the Quran, Allah and the Day of Judgment and he didn't come close to these circles at all.