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a laborer who works by the day

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A year ago, I was working four and five days a week, but this year it's been more like one day in five," says Armando, a 19-year-old Guatemalan immigrant who daily hangs out along Vanowen Street and Canoga Avenue with other day laborers looking for work.
The opening of the center, known as the Centro de Trabajo de Albany Park, came despite four years of unfruitful negotiations with city officials and some Albany Park residents who object to the presence of day laborers in their community.
In a packed Federal District Court presided by Judge Anne Thompson, the more than 50 Latino day laborers present witnessed Freehold authorities agree to end the curtailment of their rights to seek honest employment: they agreed to stop police harassment of the day laborers and will be reopening the "muster zone" on public land they had closed where the day laborers sought work.
The measure aims to end a long-standing dispute between the city and businesses over problems caused by day laborers loitering near home improvement stores, liquor stores and other businesses.
Oliva is an integral ally in this struggle, immigrant workers like the day laborers in Albany Park are doing much more for themselves than depending on him as a 'go-between.
Through community organizing, establishing alternative hiring halls, and focusing on public policy, groups and individuals are acting to improve the lot of day laborers across the country.
Still, the company has fought the ordinance, hiring two law firms and a lobbyist to make the case that the city law would place a disproportionate share of the responsibility for the day laborer issue on Home Depot.
Recently, the on-going conflict between local residents and day laborers made news when two migrants claimed they had been attacked by two white men.
She discusses in passing the nagaya, or tenements in which urban residents (often day laborers, peddlers, poor artisans, etc.
The group's first demonstration was in September at east Palmdale's Four Points intersection, where they protested loitering by day laborers whom they presumed to be mostly, if not entirely, undocumented immigrants.
State Representative William Delgado and newly elected State Representative Cynthia Soto joined homeless advocates and labor organizers at a day labor agency early this morning to demand an end to violations in the Day Labor Services Act put in place to protect the rights of day laborers.
3) Planters could wield the threat of convict labor as a weapon against sharecroppers who might be thinking of breaking their labor contracts; against day laborers who complained of low wages; or against any outspoken soul who threatened the racial caste system.
Some of the ordinances involve prohibitions against hiring illegals or renting them housing and others are aimed at regulating day laborers.