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English navigator who explored the Arctic while searching for the Northwest Passage (1550-1605)

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The music of homegrown composers will be celebrated in the continuation of the Made in Britain series, while conductors Carl Davis, John Wilson and Richard Kaufman take charge of a Music and the Cinema strand including a concert to mark composer John Williams' 80th birthday.
I'll also be joining millions of fans to watch Live Snooker (Today, BBC 2, 2pm and 8pm) hosted by Hazel Irvine from Glasgow's SECC, with expert analysis from Steve Davis, John Parrott, Willie Thorne and Dennis Taylor.
Much is expected from a clutch of young pros next season with the likes of Nathan Rooney, Danny Batth, Scott Malone, Ashley Hemmings, Nat Mendez-Laing, James Spray, David Davis, John Dunleavy, Aaron McCarey, Jamie Reckord and Sam Winnall catching the eye.
Steven Davis, John Fleck and Steven Whittaker were on-target for Rangers.
The seller is TLC Properties LLC, led by Bert Davis, John Arnoldy and D.
The groomsmen were Clifford Argo, Brent Burress, Alan Castellaw, Patrick Conley, Brad Davis, John Fry, Michael Laxton, and Ray Purnell.
If - or when - O'Sullivan crosses the finishing line he will join Fred and Joe Davis, John Pulman, John Spencer, Ray Reardon, Steve Davis and Hendry in having won the title on more than two occasions.
Tune into Snooker Extra every night and Ray Stubbs, Hazel Irvine, Steve Davis, John Parrott, Clive Everton, John Virgo, Terry Griffiths, Willie Thorne and Neal Foulds will become like family to you.
A"I'd like to thank the academy for courageously breaking the mold this time and in doing so honour the giants upon whose shoulders I stand, some of whom like Miles Davis, John Coltrane unquestionably deserved this award,A" he said.
Pictured are (back row, from left) Dave Woodcock, Brad Hopkins, Gordon Davis, John Forman, Tony Green, Chris Cooke, Paul Evans, Alan Morris, Dave Langley, Joe Coleman, Clive Waite; (front row) Steve Whittle, Jim Brewerton, Nigel Jones, Kevin Brewerton, Craig Whittle, Richard Burden, Steve Lines, Robert Morris.
Donald is one of the co-authors (with Bernard Bailyn, Robert Dalleck, David Brion Davis, John L.
Sad day From left: Steve Davis, John Parrott, Willie Thorne, Dennis Taylor, John Virgo, Joe Johnson, Jimmy White and Ronnie O'Sullivan watch as the coffin is brought into Leeds Parish Church
Davis, John Hick, Alvin Plantinga, Richard Swinburne) P.
Now he is part of a significant Welsh contingent which includes Tom Cheeseman, Ryan Davis, John Connolly and Andy Williams.