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a six-pointed star formed from two equilateral triangles

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Settlers spray the David star next to racist slogans (Samia village near Ramallah)
We got out of the house and noticed writings in Hebrew and David Star on the walls.
Both collections are made with home centers in mind, and according to David Star, Orian's national sales manager, this is a main reason the Hardware Show is a productive market for Orian.
David stars as the dapper Belgian detective in Murder on the Orient Express.
Now, like a "Curb" story line come to life, David stars in Woody Allen's latest film, "Whatever Works.
Bass singer David stars opposite international Welsh soprano Rebecca Evans as the Countess.
Mulligans," which David stars in, wrote and produced, is described as "The Graduate" for a new generation.
The eight-times-married actress has hired one of California's most feared lawyers - Arlene Schwimmer, whose son David stars in the smash- hit Channel 4 sitcom Friends.
Dry: Larry David stars as the ageing whinger in Whatever Works.
The show is set around a travelling funfair and David stars as the owner Levi Lee.
David stars once again as Chief Superintendent Mike Walker but while his colleagues investigate the death of a girl at her family home, he is removed from the action as he deals with a personal crisis involving his son who, it emerges, is deeply disturbed.