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British political cartoonist (born in New Zealand) who created the character Colonel Blimp (1891-1963)

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In 1985, Laxman became the first Indian cartoonist to exhibit in London, where he also had the opportunity to meet David Low and Illingworth.
David Low, currently Vice President and head of the company's Technical Services Division (TSD), is being promoted to Senior Vice President and Program Manager for the Commercial Orbital Transportation Services (COTS) program.
BASKETBALL: British League chiefs are poised to reject a proposed PS36million takeover of the sport by Wall Street-backed BBall UK - and Glasgow Rocks co-owner David Low is delighted.
David Low, Thaxted "While not the most skilful goals, Sissoko's double were of the great significance.
Colin White, Mason Stephenson, David Low, Kevin Westphal and Ross Symington have all shaken off injury or illness.
His perception and incisive wit is very reminiscent of the work of David Low of the then Manchester Guardian, with which I was familiar when growing up in that city many years ago.
Dr David Low, chair of the Sandwell Area Child Protecion Committee, said: "Its basic finding is that the tragic events leading to Christian's death could not have been foreseen.
USAir offers the simplest fare program in the market: you don't have to bring a companion with you in order to take advantage of these low fares," said David Low, USAir's district sales manager for Washington.
David Low, an Orbital Vice President and a former NASA astronaut and veteran of three Space Shuttle missions.
However, Rocks' co-owner David low said: "extra investment is available if we need it.
SEATON Delaval's David Low was in New York when superstorm Sandy hit; he returns to a Red Devils side that could face a storm at Hebburn Reyrolle.
1 junior, Anthony Wright, whose wins included an 11-9 victory in the fifth over Scotland's David Low.
In a statement, Dr David Low, chairman of the Sandwell Area Child Protection Committee (ACPC) said they were willing to release the executive summary and recommendations of the serious case review it carried out following Christian's death.
That's the verdict of financial consultant David Low, who believes Rangers will have to take drastic action during the next few seasons to ensure they start reducing debts that have spiralled past the pounds 80 million mark.