David Crockett

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United States frontiersman and Tennessee politician who died at the siege of the Alamo (1786-1836)

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COMMUNITY FUNDRAISER: Paul with Cole Lancaster, left, and how we told of his walk in memory of murdered uncle David Crockett Main picture by PETER REIMANN VIDEO HOPE: Paul Burgum, below, who is seeking funds to produce videos on alcohol and mental health issues
With names such as Samuel Clemens, Thomas Thorpe, David Crockett and others, "Southern Frontier Humor" is a must have to anyone who wants a better understanding of southern thought throughout the civil war.
And David Crockett, while admittedly a fine hunter, did not have much of a career as a fighter of Indians or anybody else.
David Crockett Graham (1884-1961) as zoological collector and anthropologist in China.
Rivaling the Jacksonian Democrats in the power struggle, it was compelled to abandon the politics of deference, vying for popular support indispensable for party politics and co-opting David Crockett as their popular hero.
This is the one and only city in Crockett County, named for folk hero and Alamo defender David Crockett.
If this movie is to stir up any real controversy among Alamo buffs, then it will be over how they depict the death of David Crockett.
presented President Bush with the first David Crockett Rifle, from a limited edition of 100.
Within the 500-acre area of downtown, we were faced with a very ambitious brownfield exercise," says David Crockett, the larger-than-life City Councilman (and, yes, descendant of frontiersman Davy) who crusades tirelessly for a sustainable Chattanooga.
Serious meat lovers congregate at this steakhouse where the most popular dishes include lomo David Crockett and the parrillada, a mixed grill of meats.
Here takes a lively re approach to the history of the American west by focusing on a selection of men who had a lion-sized impact (the title is derived from an 1831 play about David Crockett and others called Lion of the West).
Department of Energy; Neil Cameron, Emerald Ventures; David Crockett, Independent Consultant; Jed Dorsheimer, Canaccord Genuity; Eric Haugaard, Cree; David Leonard, Redwood Systems; Dr.
The executive producers are Emma Tillinger Koskoff, David Crockett, Georgia Kacandes and Christi Dembrowski.
David Crockett is a 20-year veteran of the United States Army where he served as a NATO combat photographer.