David Bushnell

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American inventor who in 1775 designed a man-propelled submarine that was ineffectual but subsequently earned him recognition as a submarine pioneer (1742-1824)

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The college, Palmdale city officials and representatives of developer David Bushnell had been negotiating a development agreement for the 847-home project spelling out what each of the parties will pay.
Developer David Bushnell, the city of Palmdale, and AVC have been working on the project for several years.
In the meantime, discussions are continuing among the college, the city of Palmdale and representatives of developer David Bushnell on the College Park project, which would build hundreds of homes, stores and a golf course in the rolling foothills of southeast Palmdale.
The developer, David Bushnell of Bushnell Binoculars, wants home construction to begin first.
A representative of the developer, David Bushnell of Bushnell Binoculars, said there was confusion at the June council meeting over the final number.
David Bushnell of Connecticut invented a way to ignite a 150-lb.
He said he believed that his risk management team, led by Chief Risk Officer David Bushnell, had operated believing the CDO holdings had little risk.
From the remaining involved country, University of Florida professor and author of a history of Colombia David Bushnell offered, "The legitimacy of the Nicaraguan government that signed the treaty is simply irrelevant.
The college site had been owned by Bushnell Binoculars founder David Bushnell, who died in March.
David Bushnell produced the first usable sub, the Turtle, in 1775.
Based in Overland Park, KS, Bushnell was founded by David Bushnell in 1948 as a provider of high-quality, affordably priced sport optics to specialized retailers.