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Separation of Daubentonia drummondii along the 2nd axis of the ordination may be due to the influence of soil.
2] plot data after removing Salix nigra and Daubentonia drummondii to test for additional community structure within the ridge-forest, but did not find sufficient support for the presence of nested communities despite the COA on the 171 plots and field observations; the COA ordination of the 15 species produced a group of points with no discrete separations and neither COA component significantly' correlated with elevation (2nd component: r = -0.
Those findings generally agree with our data from BSR: Salix nigra and Daubentonia drummondii tolerate the wettest conditions, whereas Acer rubrum, Fraxinus americana and Diospyros virginiana tolerate slightly drier soils and intergrade with species such as Quercus virginiana, Celtis laevigata, Liquidambar styraciflua and Ulmus rubra (more common at "high-ridge" elevations).
Our COA indicated some influence of elevation on community formation; the ordinations revealed at least three communities: (1) Salix nigra, (2) Daubentonia drummondii and a larger community (3) the ridge forest (15 species).
As mentioned, Salix nigra and Daubentonia drummondii dominate fringing communities at the boundaries of the ridge forest.