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USE LONG-BLOOMING ANNUALS like Geraniums, Petunias, Marigolds or Daturas.
This amuses me as the wild daturas I saw growing lower down in the tropical valleys of eastern Nepal were fed by cow pats or, even more effective, communal toilet overflow.
My big specimen plants, such as daturas, fuchsias and cannas, are a nightmare to put away, though.
Contractor address : 3 chemin des Daturas, CS 60116
With subjects like daturas, or the angel's trumpets, I tend to knock them out of the pot at this time of the year, shake off some of the old compost, put in some fresh and re-pot them in the same pot.
Daturas, angel's trumpet and fuchsias are particularly greedy and should be fed twice weekly.
Garden variety Daturas have, in recent years, taken the genus name of Brugmansia.