Datura stramonium

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intensely poisonous tall coarse annual tropical weed having rank-smelling foliage, large white or violet trumpet-shaped flowers and prickly fruits

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In our study we have used Datura stramonium in co-culture with tomato, as this species has many applications in many fields such as ornamentation, environment (water and soil pollution control) and especially in the fight Biological control of pests such as mites and whiteflies [5].
Neurological findings in a case of coma secondary 140 to Datura stramonium poisoning.
Si bien es cierto que las pipas de La Granja tienen en comun la presencia de tabaco, refrendado tanto por la evidencia microfosil como quimica, la identificacion de cistolitos foliares de Datura stramonium en una de ellas constituye un hallazgo de interes.
In Datura stramonium the number of stomata per unit area was 4, in Solanum nigrum 11 and in Withania somnifera 3.
Table 2: Total polyphenolic tannins and Vitamin C contents of gemmomodified extracts and leaves of Nerium oleander and Datura stramonium
Es conocido el uso de la Datura stramonium o Miyaya entre los mapuche.
Bengaluru, Karnataka, May 11 -- Shireen with her project titled "Effect of Datura stramonium stem extract in enhancing the soil moisture" did methodical scientific experiments on the plants.
Datura stramonium, Brassica napus pain, paralysis Snake bite Hepatic disorders (jaundice, weak liver) Dog bite Poisonous insect bite Cat bite Erectile dysfunction Gastrointestinal disorders (bloating, dysentery, white dysentery, blood dysentery) Cuts, sprains Skin disorders 1.
One powdered seed of Datura stramonium is added to the mixture along with 400 g of oil from seeds of Brassica campestris.
Datura stramonium is a flowering plant with hallucinogenic properties belonging to the Solanaceae family (Angiospermae Dicotiledoni).
According to experts, a fruit held by a satyr in the bottom right of the painting belongs to Datura stramonium, a plant with a history of sending people mad and making them want to bare all.
The first reference refers to a paper by Professor Byard himself (Byard 2002) which describes two cases of poisoning with Datura species, presumably Datura stramonium, also known as thorn apple from the deadly nightshade family.
Isso explica inclusive o grande efeito depressivo na producao de milho quando este compete com plantas daninhas cujo habito de crescimento possibilita que estas se desenvolvam mesmo sob baixa intensidade de luz, tais como Datura stramonium (CAVERO et al.
Se evaluaron ocho especies de solanaceas, entre estas cinco silvestres comunes en Venezuela: nongue morado, Datura stramonium L.