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Differentiation of Datura stramonium poisoning and bath salt intoxication Diagnostic features Pharmacologic Treatment Flushing (Red as a beet) Dry skin (Dry as a bone) Mydriasis (Blind as a bat) Psychosis Gastric lavage (Mad as a hatter) Activated charcoal Hyperthermia Physostigmine (Hot as hades) (severe cases) Hypertension Benzodiazepines Datura stramonium Tachycardia for severe Reduced GI agitation.
Similar results also reported for other medicinal plants of solanaceae family such as Datura [5].
A 50-year-old Bahraini and a 27-year old Bangladeshi were also treated for severe datura poisoning in separate incidents and all three have since been discharged, said the doctor.
One plant which has no perfume during the day is Datura stramo-nium , but at night its musky per-fume tells a different story.
To cut a lot of singing short, Gerald in the end chooses a soldier's honor and his English fiancee over the young native girl, with Lakme committing suicide by taking the poisonous part of the otherwise beautiful Datura tree.
Raguso says that intense whiffs of the perfume of the night-blooming datura he studies drive hawkmoths to start probing at patches of white.
I also love to grow herbs, wisteria, shamrocks, datura and many other flowers and plants.
Well suited by fast ground, he should be able to dominate today and is preferred to recent Leicester winner Datura.
He fed a small sacred fire with tobacco - a gift from Mother Earth - and datura, a wild plant said to make one's dreams more powerful.
Transcendence there is usually of the chemically induced variety, but before dismissing it, remember that Siva is intimately associated with the psychedelic datura plant, and that his favorite drink is bhang, a hallucinogenic brew made from cannabis.
PALOOZA as part of SunFest All Access Party on Wednesday, May 2nd, 2007, at 5 PM at the Meyer Amphitheater located at 104 Datura St, West Palm Beach, FL 33401.
David Marsden, Bridlington, East Yorkshire CAROL: It's a thorn apple, Datura stramonium, and every bit of it is poisonous.
Morton points out that another dangerous plant for teenagers is datura, a big white flower whose seeds are harvested for its hallucinogenic value.
Competition between maize and Datura sramonium in an irrigated field under semi-arid conditions.
This week's online offer is four datura for just pounds 17.