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the category of nouns serving as the indirect object of a verb


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The minority view is that icnesi is dativus loci, 'in the footprints', that is 'following the trail' of a fox.
The three major types of free datives of winch I am aware are the Beneficiary, the Concerned, and the dativus ethicus (see Abraham 1973; Leclere 1979; Herslund 1988; Belle and Langendonck 1996; Langendonck and Belle 1999).
On the basis of this I would assume that the dative AEpelbrihte is dativus incommodi of ofaslean.
Furthermore, the occurrence of the dativus (in-)commodi is interpreted differently depending on the type of the reduced verbal complex.
8) "On the So-called Dativus Ethicus in Hebrew," Journal of Theological Studies 29 (1978): 495; Muraoka anaanalysis is accepted by B.