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tall tropical feather palm tree native to Syria bearing sweet edible fruit

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During this phase, work will be carried out to control and manage all issues that affect the growth of date palm tree such as insect pests and diseases, especially the Red Palm Weevil, Dobas insect, Al Hamirah, and stem and stalk borers.
Table 1: Classification characteristics of Date palm tree (General).
This is notable in those that inherited date palm trees, and have taken care of them since the ancient times," Al Hajeri added.
Date palm trees of 'Khasab', 'Khashram', 'Sillaj', 'Sufri', and 'Qanah' cultivars were obtained from the University Educational Farm, Diraab.
Identifying the genes related to specific date palm characteristics will certainly help us find solutions to problems faced by date palm plantations in Qatar, especially as far as diseases affecting date palm trees are concerned," said Biotechnology Centre director Masoud al-Marri.
Visitors will learn about the significance and importance of the date palm tree with special display cases showing traditional tools for harvesting dates and handcrafts.
It was not the building itself that bothered him; although immense, this was, in fact, a structure like any other in the village made from nothing more than dried mud and the branches of the Date Palm tree.
A date palm tree - long renowned for its lust-boosting properties - is being grown from a 2,000-year-old seed unearthed from an ancient palace site in Israel.
Tenders are invited for Supply and Planting and maintenance of 15 date palm tree of 12 to 15 height including tree guard of 6 height on footpath road both side at various site in Rohtak city and 1 year maintenance of plant including watering, cutting, fertilization and all
Other wonders of nature that are integral to desert life are the camel and the date palm tree.
Any case study to explore a new use of palm leaves in the Middle East - and other countries where date palm tree grow such as North Africa - is related to its availability," she said.
Eaten both dried and fresh, this sweet fruit is stockpiled in markets all over Sana'a throughout the holy month, but it can be a long journey from the leaves of the date palm tree to the family's Ramadan iftar (the meal taken immediately after sundown) table.
Avid climbers will race to the top of the date palm tree to be crowned the UAE's fastest date tree climber.
3 from the infested date palm tree, the crown was cut open and 9 RPW larvae were removed.