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Synonyms for birthday

an anniversary of the day on which a person was born (or the celebration of it)

the date on which a person was born


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I hope one day all Afghans have their proper date of births so that social media doesn't have to tell them how old they are," Alawi said.
NAB officials said that government employees could apply for a change in their date of birth by producing all required documents within the period of two years after their appointment.
Amid the reports, the UIDAI clarified saying that January 1 of a particular year is typically taken by default as the official date of birth by the system in instances where the applicants do not know their exact date of birth or do not have the supporting documents.
Meanwhile, two of the following secondary documents maybe accepted in the absence of the said primary IDs: Marriage certificate; Birth certificate of children borne by/of the centenarian issued by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) of the Local Civil Registrar;Affidavits executed by at least two disinterested persons who are at least 80 years old with personal knowledge of centenarians actual age or date of birth;Old school or employment record showing date of birth of centenarian;Baptismal and/ or Confirmation records of centenarian certified by the parish church and other religious denomination;Medical or dental examination issued by medical practitioners, or other related documents stating the date of birth of the centenarian.
We want to know what is the reason behind different dates of birth, what is the date of birth on his passport and on other documents?
It was not as sophisticated as you may think from the way he tried to change the date of birth back to his own was bound to raise alarm bells.
The court while upholding its stay orders against premature retirement directed the department to record correct date of birth of the petitioner and not send him home on premature retirement till the decision of case.
On the evidence presented, where there are multiple filings to Companies House, it is extremely unlikely you are going to get either your surname or date of birth wrong on so many occasions.
The court said that the government decision on his age issue will continue to be there and refused to interfere with his service record which maintains his date of birth as May 10, 1950.
The basic contention of Defence Ministry is that General Singh had accepted is date of birth as May 10, 1950 instead of now claimed 1951 before he became chief in writing and any change now would upset the succession plan at the Army Headquarters.
Two and half years ago, Dil Hari Sharma had filed a writ accusing Katawal of lying about his date of birth while joining Nepal Army.
Q I'VE applied for a job and the form asks for my date of birth.
Put yourself on the bottom with your date of birth.
If you have someone's date of birth, phone number and mother's maiden name you could easily use these details to build up a profile of the user - and apply for credit cards and loans in their names.
The group advised users to limit the personal information they make available online, avoiding the inclusion of their full date of birth along with the names of children and pets, which are often used for passwords.