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tall tropical feather palm tree native to Syria bearing sweet edible fruit

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A piece of land, measuring 1000 acres has been identified for investors to establish a state-of-art Date Farming and Processing Unit at in D.
The program will benefit 40 to 45 SMEs in date farming from Khairpur and Sukkur through the provision of equipment such as food-grade plastic crates, boom sprayers, date palm dryers, etc.
ISLAMABAD -- Pakistan Agriculture Research Council (PARC) would organize field-day for date farmers of Sindh Province to introduce the growers with latest techniques of date farming and reducing the post-harvest losses.
According to Radio Pakistan quoting official sources of Agriculture Department said that about one hundred acres of land has been identified to establish modern date farming and processing unit in D.
It comprised of small states led by their own individual rulers, and known largely for pearl diving, fishing and date farming.
EAD is participating in the annual date festival with the aim of demonstrating the impact this natural resource has on the UAE's date farming and agriculture sector, an EAD press release said yesterday (Tuesday).
EAD is participating at the annual date festival with the aim of demonstrating the impact this natural resource has on the United Arab Emirates (UAE) date farming and agriculture sector, while outlining the negative environmental, economic and social impacts on the Emirate of Abu Dhabi of illegal groundwater selling and drilling a well without a permit.
Among the Saudi entities exhibiting their crafts and services at the festival is the National Center for Palm Trees and Dates (NCPD), whose pavilion aims to promote its services and support for date farming in the Kingdom.
The monsoon season poses a serious threat to date farming in Pakistan, as even a little rain would result in destroying almost 80% of the crop.
If Bahrain wants to go back to what it sees as its roots then, between the death of Alexander the Great and the discovery of oil, its roots are based on date farming, pearl fishing and a little local trading.
The EIDPF is showcasing innovations in date farming, harvesting, sorting and packaging.
Date farming and processing is a developing industry in the country and Pakistan is the fifth largest producer of dates in the world with a growing international market share of around six to eight percent.
Karachi -- The US Agency for International Development (USAID) through the USAID Firms Project is launching a pilot programme to assist date farming and processing small and medium enterprises (SMEs) from Khairpur and Sukkur.