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Synonyms for surveillance

Synonyms for surveillance

the act of carefully watching

Words related to surveillance

close observation of a person or group (usually by the police)

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Our failures also seem to arise when these sorts of dataveillance techniques are used ineffectively.
137) According to Colin Bennet, "[t]he term dataveillance has been coined to describe the surveillance practices that the massive collection and storage of vast quantities of personal data have facilitated.
Marketing Dataveillance and Digital Privacy: Using Theories of Justice to Understand Consumers' Online Privacy Concerns.
Dummer, False Positives and Secure Flight Using Dataveillance When Viewed Through the Ever Increasing Likelihood of Identity Theft, 11 J.
Senior GMB officials alleged yesterday that staff were suffering "fear and intimidation" from new so-called dataveillance systems which monitored their working lives.
Computers and Technology: adbot, blogosphere, bluetooth, wiki, phishing, malware, infoholic, addy, hacktivist, dataveillance, snert, megapixel, code monkey, lurker, and RFID.