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a set of protocols (including TCP) developed for the internet in the 1970s to get data from one network device to another

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The current simple implementation showed good tolerance to dropped datagrams, even if the resulted audio message becomes hard to understand as the number of dropped datagrams grows.
8220;We want to take full advantage of the infrastructure at 375 Pearl St,” added Mohammad Soliman, COO of Datagram.
User Datagram Protocol, Src Port: 32769 (32769), Dst Port: tftp (69) Source port: 32769 (32769) Destination port: tftp (69) Length: 27 Checksum: 0xf9c4 [correct) Trivial File Transfer Protocol Opcode: Read Request (1) Source File: large.
When a node sends out a datagram destined to a MN that is away from home, the datagram is routed to its home address.
The transparent proxy accepts the connection to the target server and it learns the target server address from the accepted datagram and the client proxy area can set the link to the server immediately.
In contrast, using less-secure encryption mechanisms such as the static wireless equivalency protocol (WEP) generally creates results well within the acceptable range for critical VoIP performance measurements, such as jitter, delay and consecutive lost datagrams.
It establishes a connection dialogue between devices to insure that datagrams are received before continuing to transmit additional data.
When testing UDP capacity, Iperf allows the user to specify the datagram size and provides results for throughput and the packet loss.
The ability to process applications reliant on user datagram protocol (UDP) enables SSL 4.
Above the IP layer, a choice of two main transport protocols (ISO Layer 4) has been developed: the basic Universal Datagram Protocol (UDP) and the more commonly used and reliable Transmission-Control Protocol (TCP).
WAP is based on the connection-less user datagram protocol (UDP) and is designed to maintain the connection with minimal signaling traffic.
This is achieved by supporting a variety of protocols over standard networks including: Microsoft Windows NT and OS/2; SMB (Server Message Block) over TCP/IP or NetBEUI, Novell; NCP (NetWare Core Protocol) over IPX (Internet Packet Exchange), Unix; NFS (Network File System) over TCP/IP via UDP (User Datagram Protocol), Macintosh; AFP (AppleTalk Filing Protocol) over TCP/IP and Web Browser; HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol) over TCP/IP.
This allows the LongHaul[TM] to provide very high QoS for VoIP, streaming media, online gaming, smart grid and other user datagram protocol (UDP) intensive applications at all distances.
Since paths are established a-priori, there is no on-the-fly routing made with each datagram as in the packet-based network.
SIP is independent of the packet layer and only requires an unreliable datagram service; it provides its own reliability mechanism.