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photograph reduced to the size of a dot (usually for purposes of security)

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DatatraceDNA is a 50/50 joint venture of CSIRO and DataDot Technology Ltd ("DDT").
Measured research has proven that DataDot ID programs reduce professional auto theft by up to 73%.
Like DNA itself, DataDotDNA associates an object with a unique identity, permanently and forever," said Ian Allen, co-founder and CEO of DataDot Technology Ltd.
Now, much of that property can be identified using DataDot technology.
With limited identification labels on most equipment, DataDot Technology can provide a profusion of micro-dot identifiers that are uniquely linked to the legitimate owner.
The success of DataDot is built around its innovative anti-theft microdot technology.
March 21 /PRNewswire/ -- DataDot Technology USA, the exclusive maker of DataDot(TM) asset identification and theft deterrent products, today announced that its signature DataDot microdot technology is scheduled to appear as part of an episode in the CBS network hit series CSI: NY on Wednesday, March 22, 2006.
DataDot Technology USA is pleased to announce that Life of the South has entered into an agreement with the company's automotive division, DataDot Dealer Services, to become a key distributor of DataDot automotive products to its agents and dealers throughout the United States.
OTCBB:MBAH), has entered into an agreement with DataDot PowerSports to become a distributor of DataDot vehicle security products.
March 3 /PRNewswire/ -- DataDot Technology USA, in association with its dedicated automotive aftermarket distributor DataDot Dealer Services, LLC, is pleased to announce the signing and launch of a national distribution and anti-theft protection program with leading United States automotive product and services provider Premier Dealer Services, Inc.
2 Million CGF037 03/03/2006 14:58 r f bc-WA-DataDot-USA-progr (REDMOND) DataDot USA & Premier Dealer Services Launch National Theft Protection Program CLF055 03/03/2006 15:15 r f bc-NC-CommScope-prices (HICKORY) CommScope Announces Price Increases for Fiber Optic Cables
14 /PRNewswire/ -- DataDot Technology USA, in association with its dedicated automotive aftermarket distributor, DataDot Dealer Services, is pleased to announce the launch of a major distribution contract with leading US provider of after-market automotive products, Beacon Industries Worldwide (Beacon).
30 /PRNewswire/ -- DataDot Technology USA, the exclusive makers of the DataDot(TM) asset identification and theft deterrent technology, today unveiled its new DataDot(TM) Personal DNA Kit, an all-in-one DIY product that allows anyone to permanently attach microscopic identifiers, each the size of a grain of sand, to objects ranging from artwork to cell phones.
In an effort to combat theft of motorcycles and other powersports equipment such as ATVs, scooters, snowmobiles and personal watercraft, DataDot Technology USA Inc, has established a national agreement with Sports Protection Group, LLC, to market the new DataDot Powersports System.
IN THE SAME WAY THAT HUMAN DNA is used to establish identity, new technology called DataDots serve as DNA for tech devices.