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Synonyms for trigger

Synonyms for trigger

Synonyms for trigger

lever that activates the firing mechanism of a gun


a device that activates or releases or causes something to happen

an act that sets in motion some course of events

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In order to present a solution to solve the problem of a data concurrency exception occurred for a single data access which fired a database trigger, a study case is presented.
Automatic Process Launching via database triggers or other remote activities eliminates the need for user intervention to start workflows.
The quick tour also shows viewers how assetDNA can be easily customised with user-defined asset structures, fields, and filtered views, and database triggers and alerts.
Entegra for Oracle provides a comprehensive alternative to traditional data auditing methods such as application modification, database triggers and packet sniffing, all of which, Lumigent maintains, "are costly, incomplete, and introduce risk.
Database triggers capture new cell phone sales data and initiate the process that creates new accounts and manages immediate dispatching of customer SIM cards.
The ADS module provides end users with an efficient way to import data from external data sources through database triggers, Excel files, or comma-separated values files, and then automatically execute transactions in Eyelit applications.
Policy queue service eliminates WorkSite database triggers for policy service monitoring and improves refile and ethical wall enforcement performance
Create standard Microsoft SQL Server database triggers to launch desired events.
Database Monitors - Automates Change Data Capture and response, with no coding required to setup database triggers on application events.
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