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WANSync products operate transparently and completely eliminate the need for shutting down or rebooting application or database servers during installation, maintenance and daily operations," says Gil Rapaport, XOsoft's Vice President of Marketing.
For businesses whose requirements fall outside the pre-configured solutions, Unisys has created an interactive Web-based database server sizing tool.
Traditionally, database servers have been large complex systems configured with large amounts of memory and disk storage.
The Advantage Database Server is available either as a Novell NetWare NLM or a Microsoft Windows NT Service.
The second configuration with DB2 for OS/390 database server and R/3 application servers on Sun systems is scheduled for planned first availability in September.
Database Scanner, an integral component of ISS' family of security assessment products, enables customers to proactively secure database servers, protecting critical electronic commerce and enterprise applications and services.
The elimination of data latency also allows m/cluster to offer more effective load balancing because any database server can be used to process user queries.
Informix's database server, application development tools, superior customer service, and strong partnerships enable the company to be at the forefront of major information technology solution areas including data warehousing, high performance OLTP, and Web/e-commerce.
IBM DB2 Universal Database Express-C Edition - a no-license fee database server for development and deployment and,
With today's launch of apLive at the DEMO 2006 conference in Phoenix, Arizona, Avokia makes fast 24/7 business a reality for businesses and customers by enabling any server, anywhere - across the room or across the country - to be a database server.
Several vulnerabilities in its database server software are ranked as critical because they are easy to exploit and threaten the confidentiality, integrity or availability of information stored in databases.
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