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Synonyms for schema

a method for making, doing, or accomplishing something

Synonyms for schema

an internal representation of the world

a schematic or preliminary plan

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Total control: over one hundred options give the user total control over the comparison and synchronization of the database schemas.
Right" means that the database is working fine, productivity is high, performance is optimal, the corporate mission is being supported, the organization has the flexibility and underlying foundation, as expressed in the database schema, to move in directions that it needs to move in.
Create and maintain offline archives of database schemas thus allowing the retrieval and restoration of any version of any database object at any point in time.
Tell Us What You Think: Quest wants to hear the community's feedback on the Database Schema Provider.
With an improved database schema, CounterSpy Enterprise provides faster report rendering with the ability to store all report data in one database.
And of the 15,000 lines of data description language code used to build the database schema, only 25 lines needed minor tweaking, and did not result in any changes to the downstream application code.
Nasdaq:EMBT), a leading provider of strategic data management (SDM) solutions, today announced a partnership agreement with DBE Software to deliver advanced database schema analytic software to bolster the company's SDM offering.
Its rich documentation and data lineage functionality allow us to track database schema changes.
M1 Global has licensed the Firstwave CRM database schema (the relational database tables on which the business applications are built).
This server-side component incorporates Nonlinear's own sophisticated database schema for optimised performance.
Business policies, laws and regulations, guidelines and best practices, definitions and axioms, database schema translations, workflow branching and technical constraints, all require a declarative and modular approach to their implementation.
Additionally, Change Manager automatically takes snapshots of the database schema, which provides a complete archive of the application and helps administrators pinpoint and immediately address problem areas.