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a software system that facilitates the creation and maintenance and use of an electronic database

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All these database management software is used by the computer applications constituting the heart of the computer system INIST.
Like Access, this hefty volume takes a tabula rasa approach, not assuming any prior familiarity with Microsoft's relational database management software.
Quest Software Inc (Nasdaq:QSFT), a provider of application management, infrastructure management and database management software products, reported on 7 February that some of its solutions will be used by Red Energy to simplify its provisioning, password management, auditing and compliance.
Both servers feature a bus designed to support several current Precision Architecture RISC processors or higher frequency processors in the future and built-in Image/SQL database management software to offer data security without a third-party database.
alleging Rocket stole intellectual property associated with a number of CA's key database management software products.
2 million will be paid by Alibaba Health to Oracle for a licensing contract for database management software finalized in 2006.
The six key elements of the Azimuth Approach include: Azimuth DIRECTOR[TM] test executive, an easy-to-use console for test and device management; Azimuth STUDIO[TM] database management software for automated report generation and correlation of test results; a Real2Real[TM] architecture that enables interoperability testing between real world devices; TestMAC[TM] technology to emulate clients and APs and to perform protocol behavior tests; SmartMotion[TM] technology to precisely control virtual motion between devices in the network; and RadioProof[TM] enclosures that isolate the RF environment.
Oracle database management software and to obtain the corresponding one-year software license updates and support (SULS) service.
FileMaker Inc, a provider of database management software, has released Pro 5, the latest version of its desktop database application.
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