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a source language consisting of procedural operators that invoke functions to be executed

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The current implementation of specification [18, 19, 8] assumes that grid applications and grid database components can query databases using database languages, and that the databases can be accessed using specific drivers, such as JDBC.
With custom menus and toolbars, non-programming users can create professional quality applications that rival any application created by coding in Visual Basic, C++, Powerbuilder, or some other complex database language.
He has also contributed to the continued development of the SQL database language and represents Oracle on national committees such as the American National Standards Institute SQL committee.
His other book, "Using SQL," published in 1990, is a comprehensive guide to the SQL database language and relational database technology.
Transact-SQL, the powerful language used by developers and database administrators to extend the power of SQL relational database language on Microsoft and Sybase servers, is experiencing dramatic growth, and O'Reilly's latest release, "Transact-SQL Programming" was designed to meet the needs of administrators and developers who want to tap the enormous potential of Transact-SQL.
To date, building a database application required developers to understand the structure of databases and to write code in a database language that translated and mapped data into database records.
Written in its own powerful 4th generation database language, the FlexWare Development System includes a built-in interpreter for development, compiler for speed, an interactive screen formatter, and an automatic application documentor.
As a result, ForeFront anticipates that future WebWhacker development will be in the same database language and design, without the need to write conversion code, saving significant development time.
IDEA PreView delivers the power of live access to relational databases without requiring application programming or database language skills while ensuring database integrity and system security.
It allows database developers to quickly and easily add telephony access to their existing applications via database language extensions.
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