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5) After each completed year of service Contractor shall perform a review of the database under the care and within 7 days from the execution of the review will prepare a report containing guidelines for suggested changes in the configuration of PostgreSQL database instance and the operating system in accordance with best practices.
With Multi-AZ, each update made to an Amazon RDS Database Instance is automatically replicated to a standby in another Availability Zone.
Communication with the archive (document management) and the management of signatures assumes the external component of the company ProGov procilon GmbH for operation of this component is an application server (WebSphere) and an Oracle database instance required.
Recognizing that security cannot and should not be limited to only the application, the scope of this benchmark is not limited to Oracle Database specific settings or configurations, but also addresses backups, archive logs, processes and procedures for maintaining and monitoring the security of the Oracle Database instance.
NET -- Data-referencing across database instance, machine, and network boundaries -- Use of HTTP/1.
Demonstration of the Evergrid Data Center Resource Manager beta will feature live migration of a running Oracle 10g database instance.
CMiC Hosting Services allows each customer to have their own database instance and hardware infrastructure, with CMiC providing the hardware real estate and all technical DBA services, delivered by just clicking an icon on the client's desktop," said Jeff Weiss.
that more than 70% of new in-house applications will be developed on open-source databases by 2018, and that 50% of existing commercial relational database instances will have been converted, or are in the process of being converted, to open-source databases.
To ensure SOX compliance, organizations should start with an assessment of their database infrastructure including a comprehensive inventory of database instances across all database servers and which client applications their databases are connected to.
There are several products such as Oracle Instant Caging and Database Resource Manager, which make it possible to divide and prioritize available resources between database instances and session groups, thus limiting their ability to overburden and destabilize the system.
Create a library of segments, such as good customers, bad suppliers, and at-risk customers, and easily reuse these segments across different database instances or even across different databases
Commenting on the benefits of deploying HP PolyServe for SQL Server, Vikrant Chaudhuri, Head - Global IT Infrastructure, Aditya Birla Minacs said, "With HP PolyServe for SQL Server, we were able to easily deliver 24x7 High availability and improved scalability with load balancing across our SQL Server database instances for mission critical application workloads.
Today, a typical DBA on average will personally manage 12-24 database instances (likely containing a multitude of 'databases') (1) with extreme cases measuring between 40-60 and more.