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Comprehensive database application development environment features all popular screen controls, multiple database connectivity, report creation module and business graphics module;
Together we'll deliver a solution that reduces the cost of developing and maintaining database applications by addressing the quality of the underlining database schema.
The October 31st SecureSphere Security Update protects Oracle DBMS platforms and database applications without any changes to the database or database server.
Companies using the unified software, support and services in MySQL Network are committed to reducing the time and cost associated with creating enterprise-grade database applications," said Zack Urlocker, vice president at MySQL AB.
With an industry-standard SQL programming interface, the Angara Data Server is easy to integrate into database applications that require a high-performance RDBMS.
IBM and Zend today announced the availability of Zend Core for IBM(TM), the industry's first integrated solution specifically designed to help developers deploy database applications and services based on the popular PHP Web language.
DB Mail supports robust asynchronous message processing features ensuring high database and application throughput, freeing database applications from the need to wait for relatively slow fax and voice message transmissions.
These tools significantly extend the capabilities of its DB Tools for Oracle(TM) suite of multi-purpose database tools used to detect, diagnose, and correct database performance issues; and also code, monitor, debug and benchmark database applications.
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