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Pendragon Forms Enterprise Edition delivers the tools that companies need to develop and manage database applications for wireless PDAs and smartphones such as the palmOne Treo(TM) 650 and devices with Windows Mobile for Pocket PC 2003, Phone Edition.
PowerVista Bridge has identical components, but is focused on database application development.
With a MySQL Enterprise Unlimited subscription, an organization can develop, manage and fully support any number of MySQL database applications -- significantly reducing IT time, cost and risk.
This latest release of Rapid SQL makes development much easier, accelerating the delivery of critical database applications in heterogeneous environments," said Frank M.
The company's flagship products are DataFlex and Visual DataFlex, professional software development tools for building reliable, high-performance, component-based database applications.
Application developers and database administrators can greatly benefit from our main-memory RDBMS solution, which is designed to meet the requirements of electronic commerce and other performance-critical database applications," said Eric Ver Ploeg, CEO of Angara.
IBM and Zend today announced the availability of Zend Core for IBM(TM), the industry's first integrated solution specifically designed to help developers deploy database applications and services based on the popular PHP Web language.
These tools significantly extend the capabilities of its DB Tools for Oracle(TM) suite of multi-purpose database tools used to detect, diagnose, and correct database performance issues; and also code, monitor, debug and benchmark database applications.
By automating a normally manual and error-prone process, this new feature helps to bring database administrators (DBAs) further into the database application release cycle, giving them the control they need to ensure that their schemas are consistent with the database application code.
Teamstudio Configurator Server Edition - Enables administrators to search and replace almost any text in the documents stored in a database application, or in the design of a database application.
MySQL Hosting lets any user -- regardless of resources or technical background -- instantly deploy a MySQL database application, with full confidence that it's being powered by one of the most trusted hosting providers in the industry," said Zack Urlocker, MySQL AB vice president.
Alpha Five version 6 is a relational database application that lets both programmers and non-programmers create sophisticated desktop database applications without the need to write any code.
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