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an item of factual information derived from measurement or research

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2: Chose one data vector X from the set of data vectors V at random using weighted probability distributions P: calculate S = [N.
1: Calculate the distances from each data vector to the closest element of [chi]c.
Assign each data vector to the corresponding cluster with its center in an element of [chi]c
Its version for planar location problems [42] uses integer alphabet for coding numbers of data vectors used as initial solutions of the ALA algorithm.
The feature vectors are representation of raw data vectors, and are input to the classifier for discrimination of patterns of different classes.
In our application was GPU used in audio source location system based on digital beamforming where it performs together with CPU computational intensive FFT calculations with large input data vector sizes.
While scanning through such an array of tied reference values, the rank and the proportion would be increased for subgroup b but would remain unchanged for subgroup a because there were no intervening reference values in the data vector of that subgroup.
3, one must convert each reference value x to a rank in both subgroup distributions independently by observing its position in the sorted subgroup data vectors and calculate the respective proportions using expressions like that given above (Eq.
1000, virtual data vectors having a size of the order 10 000 would be obtained.
The second method requires points ordered according to the sum of the numerical values within each data vector for each data object.
Outputs of the block are estimate of parameter vector, one-step prediction of output of model, covariance matrix and data vector.
If a data vector is correctly classified, the weight vector closet to the data vector is moved towards the data; if incorrectly classified, the data vector has a repulsive effect on the weight vector.
where the sign depends on whether the data vector is correctly classified (+) or misclassified (-).
Through all phases of the Chameleon flow, the designer exercises the system and testbench design with real data vectors.
The library processes both real and complex data vectors and matrices.