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This problem can only be exacerbated as new storage media with greater storage capacities and data transfer rates enter the marketplace.
Ultra DMA 133 interface mode will increase the CompactFlash interface data transfer rate to 133MB/sec.
Factors affecting the data transfer rate are equally complex.
The SLR100 features a variable data transfer rate with what they call "auto-sense.
In addition, as the data transfer rate is three times faster than conventional Bluetooth, power consumption is drastically reduced, as the Bluetooth radio is active for one third of the time required to send the same data by v1.
6GB media, and have a maximum 20MB/sec data transfer rate and 25ms average seek time.
0 increases the CompactFlash interface data transfer rate from 16MB/sec to 66MB/sec, while maintaining forward and backward compatibility with old and new host systems.
The new 3 Gb/s data transfer rate on the Deskstar drives represents a doubling of the current industry-standard SATA interface speed.
The development of the 66MB/sec interface means that the CompactFlash interface will not restrict the sustained data transfer rate of CompactFlash cards in the near future.
data transfer rate and better compatibility to mobile phone
The 'High-speed Series' will offer a maximum data transfer rate of 5-megabytes (MB) a second, while the 'Ultra High-speed Series' will push transfer rates to as high as 20MB per second, double the rate of any other Toshiba-brand SD Cards.
Xtreme drive comes in 40GB and 60GB capacities at 5400 RPM's which has a data transfer rate of 450 Mb/s and an average seek time of 12ms and 60GB model at 7200 RPM which has a data transfer rate of 518 Mb/s and an average seek time of 10ms.
Developed by Dolphin partner Scali AS of Oslo, Norway, the new MPI middleware supports data transfer rates in excess of 320 Mbytes/sec with less than 4 microseconds latency between user processes in different cluster nodes.
The ICP GDT7523 RN, GDT7543RN, and GDT7563RN models offer two, four, or six Ultra 16O channels and support data transfer rates of 160MB/sec per channel with up to 15 devices attached to each channel on cables up to 12 meters in length.