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Users who want the maximum performance possible can configure the XL series drive for data striping across four high-capacity SATA disks (RAID 0), providing virtually instant access to data.
8 GHz processors, RAID 0 data striping on dual 160GB ATA-100 hard drives, and 1 GB of standard memory.
Parallel data transfer with hierarchical data striping is a key factor in achieving full bandwidth of the high speed network.
The SLR140 tape system also features a six-channel Thin Film Magneto Resistive Head (TF/MR) that writes four tracks simultaneously, and includes features such as data striping and Error Correction Code (ECC) blocks over the four tracks, resulting in improved error correction and restoration of data when errors occur.
The MegaRAID Serial ATA 150-2 includes enhanced performance for data striping (RAID 0) and fault tolerant data redundancy (RAID 1).
The EVA's virtualization functionality uses automatic block-level data striping and redistribution to tune its own performance without manual intervention from a storage administrator.
Adaptec HostRAID delivers RAID data striping and mirroring to protect data and maximize system uptime and performance.
This enables IT staff to make informed storage system performance tuning decisions for optimal data striping and data placement, hot-spot management, and effective load balancing, caching, and pre-fetching.
The MegaRAID IDEal ROMB solution offers data striping for performance (RAID 0), mirroring for data redundancy (RAID 1), and a combination of both (RAID 10).
RAID level 5 fully incorporates both data striping & parity, allowing disks to satisfy multiple read and write requests independently and resulting in a higher read performance in a request intensive environment.
Compaq has integrated this technology into the latest ProLiant ML330 providing data striping for performance (RAID 0), mirroring for data redundancy (RAID 1) and a combination of both (RAID 10).
Using disk mirroring, data striping and disk spanning, EZRAID Lite creates disk arrays with unparalleled flexibility.