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The Data Store, a concept first developed in 1997, provides a much needed central focus for the location and purchase of international digital data sets either directly on- line or after consultation with one of the Data Store data consultants.
The Data Store aims to serve all areas of the international GIS market providing for example mapping, demographics, post code mapping and remote sensing data to businesses in markets ranging from telecommunications, defense, and retail to utilities, the web, digital TV and emerging WAP and 3G technologies.
com) Data Store is publically available to all audiences, with additional data detail and services available to subscribers.
The Atomic Data Store empowers telecommunications firms by making their CDRs readily accessible by leveraging low-cost storage media like tape.
For the finance and retail industry, the benefits that the Atomic Data Store brings are equally impressive.
In all the above cases, the additional cost of Atomic Data Store are minimal compared to the huge value-add offered by the additional amounts of available data held on Atomic Data Store.
OpenLAB Data Store with Lab Applications complements Agilent s OpenLAB Enterprise Content Manager Software for the management of multi-vendor, multi-instrument data.
2 AT&T's call detail data store, with 26 terabytes of data, is based on Sun servers and storage, and AT&T's Daytona data management system.
Fortunately, storage resource reporting and monitoring tools are available for a quick and easy examination of backup and storage offering visibility and assurance into an organization's data stores.
Performing a proactive assessment of data stores and backup procedures is essential to considering any acquisition of resources for regulatory compliance, whether they be software, hardware, or staff.
The OpenSpirit framework will provide Hydro with seamless data transfer between applications and data stores, a common interface to concurrently search, select and transfer data from multiple data stores, as well as QC tools and subsurface environments.
In the future, we expect Blocklets to let us offer our customers the most efficient disk-based data stores possible.
Tizor's patent-pending Mantra platform is the first solution to not only audit the broadest range of data stores, but also to tie them to front-end activity, bringing a new threshold to intelligence and accountability in Activity Auditing.