auxiliary storage

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a data storage device that is not the main memory of a computer

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Portable data storage device provider Amacom Technologies has launched a new data storage and disaster recovery device.
The research service discusses emerging trends in mass data storage devices.
Los Alamos National Laboratory began its stand-down on Thursday, and the inventory of CDs, floppy disks and other data storage devices is expected to be completed within days.
The FM4005 provides integrated power management and system support in a single chip for customers of our parallel FRAM memories or other data storage devices.
By placing magnetic crystals such as maghemite or magnetite inside the cages, Young and his collaborators aim to create magnetic data storage devices.
Using highly specialized and complex components available from a limited number of Fibre Channel vendors, the FC storage network connects multiple computers to centralized data storage devices.
Nasdaq: INRG), in Mount Laurel, New Jersey, makes fiber optic channel switches that connect corporate networks to data storage devices.
Camarillo makes data storage devices, which Ferguson said is a growth sector for Imation.
NASDAQ:OVRL) has announced that IBM (NYSE:IBM) has certified Overland's comprehensive set of data storage devices for the latest release of IBM Tivoli Storage Manager, IBM's industry-leading centralized data protection solution.
These effects will soon be important in magnetic data storage devices as their data rate increases.