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software that can be used by a group of people who are working on the same information but may be distributed in space

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Given a chance by a contributor at Forbes to clarify his opinion on data scientists, Dr Drazen did not retract the original comment; (4) however, he wrote an editorial for NEJM in May of 2016 in support of the ICJME recommendations on data sharing, provided appropriate systems are in place to release trial data within 6 months of publication within NEJM.
Clinical trials that begin enrolling participants on or after January 1, 2019 must include a data sharing plan in the trial's registration.
We were the first prepaid carrier to offer texting keyboards and texting-only plans, first to help customers pay less for talk they weren t using, the first to feature a totally customized plan, and now the first data sharing plans.
Private data sharing arrangements exist between some large organizations, and some Government bodies mandate the need to share information, but we live in an age where the tide is turning against publicly-available information.
HDMA has subsequently released the "IT Blueprint on Data Sharing," described by the group as "a road map that supports the use of industrywide standards to address regulatory compliance and enables collaboration for a more efficient, secure supply chain.
CareSpark's network will initially connect health care organizations including Mountain States Health Alliance, Wellmont Health System, Holston Medical Group, Johnston Memorial Hospital and Sullivan County Regional Health Department, with 600,000 unique patient records to be included in the data sharing system, beginning in spring of 2007.
This streamlined approach to data sharing is about making it simple for our customer to use all the mobile data they are paying for, manage this on one monthly bill and top up easily should their usage require it .
In this phase study participants agreed that track-and-trace technologies will help further protect patient safety and secure the supply chain and that the business processes for data sharing and data management must be established before industry-wide track-and-trace systems can be implemented.
Data sharing can help improve (1) tax compliance if businesses applying to sponsor immigrant workers are required to meet tax filing and payment requirements, and (2) the accuracy and timeliness of USCIS's immigration eligibility decisions if it obtained tax data from IRS to help ensure business sponsors meet eligibility criteria.
Given the current world situation, it would be hard to imagine a more important application for our high speed, data sharing technology.
In addition, the ideal state of true data sharing between clients is possible, though difficult, with NAS.
This approach, which allows the industry to build on existing investments in legacy provider systems, will enable the rapid implementation of a secure infrastructure to facilitate data sharing.
Detective Dan Ingling of the Burlington County Prosecutor's Office will present "Regional Data Sharing - Integrated Law Enforcement Project.
However, since they implement a block-mode architecture, SANs can be complex and inflexible, and they do not support heterogeneous data sharing.
It also upgraded the speed and efficiency of its collaborative solutions to provide financial institution customers a smooth, seamless flow of communication via multi-party voice, video, secure data sharing, instant messaging and Web conferencing.