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software that can be used by a group of people who are working on the same information but may be distributed in space

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ZADATS is the first of its kind to offer data sharing with an all-inclusive Software as a Service pricing model deployed onsite at a host agency for optimal security.
We are always seeking ways to innovate for our customers, which is why we ve worked closely with Virgin Mobile to offer exclusive new plans such as data sharing .
Those against sharing, demonstrate a few early experiments where they have publicly collaborated on data sharing, been burned by the public data being used as counter-intelligence, and promptly returned to either not sharing at all, or sharing within a very limited group.
Beyond their written requirements and policies, all of the agencies also rely on unwritten practices to facilitate data sharing.
Successful applicants will be expected to ensure that they obtain sufficient rights in such subcontracts to enable them to meet their obligations under the NIH Research Tools Guidelines and the Data Sharing Guidelines, both of which are extensions of the distribution of unique research resources policy contained in the NIH Grants Policy Statement (page 11-62).
Cooperation and data sharing are also issues for the Los Angeles Police Department, which bars most contact with the INS.
Clinical data sharing has been proven to help improve patient outcomes," said Jerry Rankin, director of Health Information Network Initiatives, Integration Solutions division, Quovadx.
This streamlined approach to data sharing is about making it simple for our customer to use all the mobile data they are paying for, manage this on one monthly bill and top up easily should their usage require it .
We believe PDSG best captures the focus of our current capabilities as well as our future plans to continue expanding in the data sharing market," said Renney Senn, PDSG's President.
In 2000, federal agencies estimated they saved at least $900 million annually through data sharing initiatives.
Given the current world situation, it would be hard to imagine a more important application for our high speed, data sharing technology.
In addition, the ideal state of true data sharing between clients is possible, though difficult, with NAS.
This approach, which allows the industry to build on existing investments in legacy provider systems, will enable the rapid implementation of a secure infrastructure to facilitate data sharing.
Detective Dan Ingling of the Burlington County Prosecutor's Office will present "Regional Data Sharing - Integrated Law Enforcement Project.
However, since they implement a block-mode architecture, SANs can be complex and inflexible, and they do not support heterogeneous data sharing.