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Synonyms for archive

Synonyms for archive

a place where something is deposited for safekeeping

Synonyms for archive

a depository containing historical records and documents

put into an archive


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One of several reasons for this growth is the new and growing list of government and legal regulations that mandate long-term data retention policies.
The executive government-imposed data retention laws compel all Australian telecommunications companies - mobile carriers, Internet service providers, messaging enabled applications and email providers - to collect the personal data, online traffic, and connection history of both individual users and businesses for two years.
The European Commission stated that as the European Court of Justice annulled the European Union (EU) Data Retention Directive, the decision of whether or not to introduce national data retention laws is a national decision; therefore, "the European Commission has no intention go back on this statement or reopen old discussions".
They should also consider the long-term implications, because their data retention obligation will get heavier," says Alexander Michael.
By September 2007, member states have to implement the data retention directive coming out of Europe.
Every semiconductor manufacturer that produces non-volatile memory (NVM) has to verify that data retention for a new design is sufficient and establish a quality procedure for monitoring data retention in production.
Regularly train employees on the company's data retention policies.
Dell's new Big Data retention solution is designed for organizations that leverage big data analytics to derive business value from their data.
He said citizens should ask for control over the life of their data, weighing in on the rising data retention debate in Australia.
AppNeta's TraceView Solution Utilizes Big Data Technology to Now Offer 90 Days of Full Data Retention
As part of its investigation into the protections of Australians online, the committee issued a report advising the attorney general to prove that such a data retention scheme would be worth invading users' privacy, according to ZDNet Australia.
com , an infrastructure software company that provides the leading repository for historical structured data, today announced a new partnership with Group 2000 to deliver data retention solutions in the telecommunications market.
Three factors are driving the need for more sophisticated backup solutions within the SMB (small to medium-size business) market: the rapid growth of mission-critical digital content throughout all segments of business; the focus on disaster recovery strategies; and the increased burden of government regulated data retention.
For compliance with long-term data retention and disaster recovery requirements, Pathlight VX 2.