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Since the launch of Epson's first data projector utilising 3LCD technology, ongoing advances in these optical technologies has increased overall energy efficiency by 90 per cent (Internal source).
It means that every two teachers on the northern side of the border will have access to a Compaq laptop computer - and each primary school will get the latest portable data projector.
Toshiba Corporation continues to lead the way to a future of Bluetooth(TM) connectivity with the launch of the "Bluetooth(TM) data projector kit," the world's first Bluetooth(TM)-compliant application software.
The thieves broke into Rotunda college on Great Mersey Street in Everton, and escaped with a dozen laptops, a data projector for carrying out powerpoint presentations and a quantity of cash.
It can be connected to a data projector, plasma screen, or computer monitor and to most videoconferencing systems.
The tablet computers can be carried around the class and interact with a data projector," he said.
Use tech standards to prop up the short leg on your data projector The legacy of ISTE's NETs is likely to be an escalating standards-based arms race in every state.
com) has entered the data projector market with two new high-luminosity mobile projector models, the XJ-350 and XJ-450.
When working with architects and lighting designers, even visionary educators often ask for the same old classroom, with a few bells and whistles added, such as new carpeting, a ceiling mounted data projector, and extra electrical outlets.
He said: "The data projector had been stolen in a burglary at Liscard Primary School.
I recently received an e-mail from one of our deans asking my advice to help with designing a 'dignified seminar room, complete with a screen, data projector, and connections for a laptop" The e-mail continued, 'Can you provide some possibilities for properly remodeling the room, and assist with pricing some appropriate equipment?
Barry Paterson, from Earlsdon, Coventry, will explore the themes with illustrations from his data projector and will turn up at the society's meeting dressed as the Green Man himself to act out the themes in song and story.
When used with a computer and data projector, teachers can easily incorporate multimedia material, such as CD-ROMs or the Internet, into curriculum and control it from the interactive whiteboard.
The program's goal is to bring first-graders to a computer lab equipped with a data projector and prepare them to use the computer, rather than to learn any piece of software in depth.