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ECSI signed an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) agreement with SecurWave to market the Sentinal(TM) Remote Data Processing Unit (RDPU) for data acquisition, on-site analysis, communications and water quality remote monitoring systems.
Sermarini has been named President of its AFTECH credit union data processing unit, effective January 1, 2000.
The Automatic Weather Station (AWS) consists of an automatic observation station, including electronics and data processing unit, sensors, telemetry and supporting structures further referred to as "station", and a data collection system consisting of computer hardware and software and communication networks as later specified.
The RPC Instrument, which was developed by a consortium led by Imperial College London, consists of a central power unit, an interface unit and a data processing unit.
The company's data processing unit also will serve as a Regional Data Processing Center for ORC-Asia.
For RADARSAT we have a technological lead on ground station upgrades because we have developed the first RADARSAT data processing unit, for the Canadian Space Agency's observation centre in Gatineau, Que.
RADA's debriefing solution integrates four airborne units, an Inertial Navigation System ("INS"), a Global Positioning System ("GPS"), an Airborne Video Recorder ("AVTR") and a Data Processing Unit.
XACTware-LWD is used by MPI's data processing unit, providing during the last decade its expertise in processing sonic data to oil exploration and service company clients all over the world.
The Columbus Southern Power/Ohio Power data processing unit will be utilizing the facility on an interim basis while renovation work is carried out in the CSP/Ohio Power Canton general office building.
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