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Synonyms for privacy

Synonyms for privacy

the quality of being secluded from the presence or view of others

the condition of being concealed or hidden

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For almost half of the companies that have cyber and data privacy insurance, the biggest challenges they faced when purchasing the coverage was finding a policy to adequately fit their company s needs (47%) or the cost (42%) highlighting the need for an experienced broker to help with this process.
While other efforts focus on a narrow definition of privacy related to marketing and hacking, Student Data Privacy takes a more holistic view of student privacy called the "Seven Privacy Sins[TM]" that evaluates risk across: Improper Contact, Identity Theft, Unwanted Marketing, Humiliation, Unfair Treatment, Permanent Records, and Digital Footprints.
As one of the first companies in the world to receive a Processor BCR, First Data can now operate under a common set of principles and processes to meet global data privacy standards.
About Data Privacy Day NCSA assumed leadership of Data Privacy Day in August 2011 from The Privacy Projects.
This is because data privacy legislation is primarily directed at protecting the rights of individuals rather than corporations, with the underlying assumption that information is sacrosanct to the individual concerned and shouldn't be used in a way that infringes on his or her personal right to privacy.
com's tips for reducing data privacy risks include:
Of those aware of the GDPR, 73% agreed it was the most important change in data privacy regulation in the last 20 years and two thirds (65%) are starting to prepare even before the final law is agreed:
For more information about Data Privacy Day, the DPD Champions program and how to participate in Data Privacy D activities, visit http://www.
4 Now in its seventh year, Data Privacy Day commemorates the signing in 1981 of the first legally binding international treaty dealing with privacy and data protection and is an extension of the Data Protection Day celebration in Europe that takes place on 28 January each year.
Based in Detroit, Paluzzi works with a national team of 21 data privacy and cybersecurity attorneys and has counseled clients through more than 425 data breaches and privacy incidents in a multitude of industries.
As a data privacy champion, we are proud to join other business leaders today in raising awareness about the technology and best practices for protecting sensitive data.
Completing the PMP program gives CSR's team the special knowledge, skill set and credentials to manage multiple consulting projects each with a myriad of moving parts in various stages during a time of growth of CSR's data privacy consulting practice.
The new version advances Assessment Manager, the latest module in TRUSTe's industry leading Data Privacy Management Platform that is used by over 1,000 companies worldwide for ongoing privacy risk management and compliance.
5% growth in the European online advertising market, TRUSTe, the leading global data privacy management (DPM) company, today announced findings from its latest privacy research - examining consumer's opinions about online behavioural advertising (OBA) and who they consider responsible for their online privacy.