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The implications of using an inappropriate reference gene for real-time reverse transcription PCR data normalization.
The Gartner research says that while most enterprises that have practiced IT asset inventory for more than two years are achieving 80-85 percent accuracy using a combination of automated tools and manual procedures, an enterprise can achieve more than 90 percent accuracy using well-established data normalization and discovery processes.
a provider of high-performance market data normalization and distribution solutions, has today announced the availability of six new feed handlers for foreign exchange venues.
h) Adequate data normalization description: controls, exact normalization methods.
According to Dennis Steckler, a consultant from STA Group that advised NBIC on the APEX project, "Data conversion efforts are typically very complex, costly and fraught with data normalization and transformation issues.
Among the topics are learning methods, data normalization, output coding, unsupervised training methods, recurrent neural networks, a number of applications, and dealing with limit amounts of data.
The cleansing process for the information "comprises data mapping, data normalization, consolidation and verification.
a leading provider of managed services and technology for market data normalization and distribution, has announced today the availability of a feed handler for the IEX Top of Book Quote Feed (TOPS).
It also includes 35 of the top endogenous housekeeping mRNA genes for data normalization.
Quovo will manage all aspects of the data feeds, including detailed data normalization and automated reconciliation, reducing traditional back-office services to a fraction of their typical time.
a premier provider of market data normalization and distribution solutions, has released a new version of its Trading Application Platform (TAP) product that allows customers to leverage the Exegy Data Feed for operational resiliency and access to broader content.
Semantic interoperability and patient data normalization across all data suppliers
Clinical stakeholders can benefit from a streamlined imaging workflow and a single point of access to imaging and related data, while IT stakeholders can gain efficiency through data normalization, consolidation, and data mining," notes Daher.
Data normalization is necessary to control for sample variability that can adversely affect the accurate quantification of gene expression.