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Synonyms for communications

the discipline that studies the principles of transmiting information and the methods by which it is delivered (as print or radio or television etc.)

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We expect that the SprintNet global data network will provide a more efficient communication system that will help us better serve our customers and increase our productivity," he said.
The new company, directly and through its key distributors, Sprint and Alcatel, will have an established customer base of more than 300 large-scale networks, including the world's two largest public data networks -- the SprintNet X.
Jozef Cornu, Alcatel's executive vice president Technical, Operations and Business Development, said, "Alcatel Data Networks will profit from the parent companies' strengths in technology and global marketing.
Plans for Sprint Networks' Russian public data network were announced with the formation of RosTel by the Minister of Communications of Russia Vladimir B.
For over a decade, we have provided direct and wholesale wireless data connectivity through our national packet data network to over 400 Fortune 1000 companies and 50 governmental organizations.
65 to 1 exchange (65 shares of Aftersoft for every 100 shares of ADNW), which is to be effective following Auto Data Network shareholder and Board of Directors' approval.
the largest privately held mobile enterprise solutions provider in North America, announced today that it has aligned with Cingular Wireless through its Data Solution Providers Program to deliver fully certified GSM/GPRS/EDGE-powered mobile enterprise data solutions for Cingular Wireless' nationwide(a) wireless data network.