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the condition of being enclosed (as in a capsule)

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the process of enclosing (as in a capsule)

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The data hiding capacity of this software is an improvement on the other steganography software.
The proposed algorithms takes images in JPEG format as the cover medium and by using data hiding techniques, gives the output image in the form of BMP format.
in [46] briefly describe PQ and propose singular value decomposition (SVD)-based features for the steganalysis of JPEG-based PQ data hiding in images.
With Data Hiding Fundamentals and Applications, the three authors seek to fill a broad gap in the literature of digital multimedia security.
Raggo conducts ongoing research on various data hiding techniques including steganography.
The first operation is the XOR data hiding, and the second is DES encoding algorithm.
A ratio between the number of embedded bits and the distortion energy caused by data hiding, E, is used to indicate the embedding efficiency.
The purpose of reversible data hiding is to perfectly recover both the original and the embedded data.
This book focuses on the theory and state-of-the-art applications of content security and data hiding in digital multimedia.
Enhancements to this latest version of the small efficient kernel include support to enable tasks to be created in the suspended state, and a new API function to allow access to the tick count value from the ISR (interrupt service routine) - and in so doing help maintain kernel data hiding.
In addition, Mike conducts ongoing, independent research on various data hiding techniques including steganography, Wireless and Mobile Device attack, and countermeasure techniques.
Technologies and methods covered include the 3D visualization and analysis of forensic samples, data hiding to improve the security of medical images, computer-assisted models for facial reconstruction, high throughput technologies for resolving questions about tissue samples, digital photography in identification through dental examination, predictive modeling and statistical methods.
A sampling of conference topics: multi-camera calibration based on iterative factorization of measurement matrix, hybrid buffering scheme for P2P based VoD system, information hiding in dual images with reversibility, a context-aware framework for flowable services, optimal solution for grid resource allocation using particle swarm optimization, and data hiding in images by hybrid LSB substitution.
ABSTRACT: The data hiding technique is used to hide a secret message into a cover image which is then sent to a receiver without raising any suspicions.
Steganography Offers Bright Prospects for Commercial Data Hiding