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Synonyms for privacy

Synonyms for privacy

the quality of being secluded from the presence or view of others

the condition of being concealed or hidden

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Bundles range from simple data file projects with integration services to a complete Reference Data Management solution that includes a suite of web-based authoring applications and data governance services.
For this challenge, the answer is the same, and if you've addressed the previous challenges, you've already gotten started: by centralizing all data work into one place, data governance and potential audits are easy.
0 provide all-in-one sensitive data governance, privacy compliance, and risk mitigation for total ownership of sensitive data in all its forms.
Here are five ways that a modern approach to data governance can make your data scientists and analysts more productive, enabling your business leaders to gain insights more quickly.
The online course offers simple and ready-to-use templates for implementing data governance for big data initiatives.
West Virginias Student Data Accessibility, Transparency and Accountability Act (HB 4261) is modeled off a 2013 Oklahoma law establishing a state-level data governance manager.
We are now making Data Governance a very pragmatic initiative with the enterprise by providing real-time visibility to data quality metrics," said Tamer Chavusholu, Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Kaygen.
As a result, data governance software like Zovy's has become increasingly important to the business environment.
You cannot just go out and buy technology to provide a complete data governance solution.
According to the company, though the goal of data governance is to ensure the quality, availability, integrity, security, and crucially, the usability of data within an organisation, many banks today struggle in practice with traditional approaches to data governance.
Management and technology consulting firm, Meta Byte Technologies has listed potential challenges with traditional data governance strategies in the banking sector.
Meta Byte Technologies has said that there is an urgent growing need for data governance in banks in this region.
In fact, only 15 percent rate the data governance maturity as high or very high--defined as incorporating both business and IT with top-level support and spanning major parts of the organization.
Effective Data Governance for Material Mass Update" to be Presented by Canadian Pacific Railway and BackOffice Chief Strategy Officer
While most states have established data governance processes that span the P-20W spectrum, the majority of states' data governance structures lack the executive-level policymaker oversight necessary to systematically overcome these obstacles.