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a hypothetical three-dimensional visual world created by a computer

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Currently, the CyberGlove product family includes four data glove hardware products and the VirtualHand Software Development Kit.
According to the data glove worn on the hand, using the sensor to measure the distortion of the fingers and the hand to achieve the gesture input.
Each trajectory corresponds with the motion of data glove sensor [35, 36].
This system recognizes the gestures of the bare hand with less recognition time, thereby eliminating usage of sophisticated hardware or data gloves for gesture recognition.
A virtual-reality data glove is then employed to capture the softness or hardness of an object being felt by one individual.
The system also provides the pilot with a data glove input device intended to assume the role of conventional controls.
They demonstrated a prototype "Cyberspace" system in which you wear a sensor-equipped Data Glove from VPL Research and a head-mounted display which shows a stereoscopic image on LCD panels.
Systems such as the 5DT Data Glove Series (Fifth Dimension Technologies, Inc; Irvine, California), the CyberGlove (Immersion Corp; San Jose, California), and ShapeHand (Measurand Inc; Fredericton, Canada) use between 5 and 22 sensors for measurements.
As might feeling the plumpness of a hotel pillow or the temperature of a swimming pool by wearing a data glove attached to a computer.
In a social environment the data glove could be used "for sign language recognition; as an alternative to the actual PC input devices, or as a tool in domestic and remote assistance, and as an appliance to design ergonomic devices.
One of the most popular feedback devices used by VR researchers is the data glove.
The product family includes VirtualHand[R] Software and four data glove models: CyberGlove, CyberTouch[R], CyberGrasp[R], and CyberForce[R].
Improvements to the CyberGlove([R]) II Wireless Data Glove
Technology has come a long way since 1982 when Atari debuted their data glove and Compaq released their IBM PC compatible Compaq Portable.
OTCBB:FLXT) today announced the company reached an agreement with DG TECH Engineering Solutions to provide Bend Sensors(R) for the DG5-Vhand, a professional and multipurpose Data Glove.