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With GoXML, organizations may utilize traditional data formats from legacy or incompatible systems and transform the data into XML-ready for xPression to process.
In addition, it can include a metadata repository that captures the names, data formats and definitions of the data as it resides in various systems through the enterprise and the corporate data governance charter addressing data quality and data management.
Because XBRL transcends the limitations of such data formats, it eliminates errors that occur during data re-entry and it minimizes the risk of losing "metadata," or verbal descriptions of individual data elements.
Centering on the Web environment, a number of data formats were introduced, chief among them being SGML (on which HTML is based) and more recently XML (Berners-Lee, 2002).
It also provides mappings between mainframe data formats and their respective SCSI device formats.
It enables organizations to convert many types of proprietary word processing text formats and engineering drawing, graphics and illustration formats to CALS-compliant data formats.
More fundamentally, the States that have imposed an EFT requirement have established different data formats for the remittance of data and many States that are planning EFT systems are developing their own proprietary data formats.
This results in a fractured ecosystem of data formats which make it difficult for Test Engineers and Management to get a global view of what is going on with their product quality," says Harsh Wanigaratne, co-author of the Case Study at IntraStage.
Features include: more than two dozen search options, thorough search capabilities, search history display and reports, indexing of Outlook message stores, and exporting of search results in various data formats.
Noting that he and his fellow modeling firms long have been forcing users to adapt to each of their own proprietary data formats, Clinton said a move toward open standards would allow insurers to assess and manage catastrophe loss exposure more effectively.
Autonomy's Portal-in-a-Box technology will automatically consolidate government data in more than six languages and countless data formats such as Web pages, word processor documents, database data and streaming content for the site.
It accepts major data formats, including Sensornet, and can translate one data format to another.
While most electronic publishing is still about "putting paper on the screen," new dynamic data formats such as Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), Portable Document Format (PDF), Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML), and others are providing new cost-effective means to "liven" online journal information through color, graphics, document linking, video, and simulation.
More fundamentally, the States that have imposed EFT requirements have established different data formats for the remittance of data and many States that are planning EFT systems are developing their own proprietary data formats.
TOOL and Brion have combined LAVIS' large-volume data handling and high-speed data display capabilities, which can utilize all the data formats used throughout the chip design processes, with Tachyon, a manufacturing-proven computational lithography platform that is able to execute high-speed, full chip simulation and inspection with high precision.