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someone paid to operate a typewriter

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To perform the job of entering information on each employee, I employed a data entry clerk full time for 6 months.
A brief sampling of actual positions acquired by participants includes housekeeper, desk clerk, janitor, cashier, construction worker, secretary, machine operator, painter, library aide, bookkeeper, data entry clerk, nurse's aide, security guard, medical technician, and assembler.
uk there are 676 roles including a stock controller in Bristol (PS18,957), project administrator in County Antrim (PS10 to PS12), admin support worker in Coventry (PS15,189) and data entry clerk in Bromsgrove, Birmingham (PS15,000).
Morin worked for 27 years as a data entry clerk for Coz Chemical until her retirement in 1997, and previously worked for many years at the former Whitin Machine Works and Wyman Gordon.
The error was picked up when a data entry clerk at the hospital checked the patient's notes against the computer record after the operation.
Steven Husband, 28, data entry clerk, Chester-le-Street: I don't think they really do enough for what we pay.
Does the data entry clerk need subsecond response time?
According to Nilles, the occupations most suitable for full-time, home-based telecommuting include architect, data entry clerk, graphic artist, journalist, telemarketer.
A typical staff includes a deputy prosecutor or chief victim/ witness assistance specialist, a secretary, a data entry clerk or receptionist, and two victim/witness assistance specialists or advocates.
Change Control Analyst, Computer Operator , Data Center Facility Administrator, Data Entry Clerk, Data Security Administrator, Database Specialist, Disaster Recovery Coordinator, e-Commerce Specialist, Forms and Graphics Designer, 4th GL Specialist, Hardware Installations Coordinator, IT Planning Analyst, LAN Applications Support Analyst, Network Control Analyst, Network Services Administrator, Network Technician, Operations Analyst, Personal Computer Specialist, Production Control Analyst, Programmer/Analyst, Senior Network Specialist, Software Engineer, Systems Analyst, Systems Programmer, Systems Support Specialist, Tape Librarian , Technical Services Specialist, Technical Specialist, Voice Communications Coordinator, and Webmaster
Tania made friends with Stacey and Abigail while working as a Royal Mail data entry clerk.
Mum Lynn, 44, a part-time data entry clerk, said: "He absolutely loves his trike.
PHOTO Claudio Manzo, a county data entry clerk, verifies signatures on the Valley cityhood study petition.
Stephen Davison, 25, data entry clerk, Sunderland: It's pointless spending money opening it then just closing it down.
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