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3M Health Information Systems, a provider of ICD-9 and ICD-10 coding and clinical terminology management, on Monday released the 3M ICD-10 Code Translation Tool, which is now fully integrated with 3Ma[euro](tm)s medical vocabulary server, the 3M Healthcare Data Dictionary.
The PREMIS working group was established to take the previous group's work a step further: to develop a data dictionary of core metadata elements to be applied to archived objects, give guidance on the implementation of that metadata element set in preservation systems, and suggest best practice for populating those elements.
The data dictionary provides the foundation for identifying the data to be analyzed from the institutions' financial statements.
SALT LAKE CITY -- 3M Health Information Systems today announced new releases of the 3M Healthcare Data Dictionary (HDD) and the 3M Enterprise Master Person Index (EMPI), now web-based and offering the latest Application Program Interfaces (APIs) so they can be easily integrated with other healthcare information systems and applications.
The 3M Healthcare Data Dictionary is a controlled medical vocabulary server, which enables effective mapping of clinical terminology and administrative concepts.
The Exposure Draft of the Originations Data Dictionary is a giant step toward a more efficient market, benefiting borrowers, mortgage bankers and lenders, as well as other market participants.
This tool is the principal method by which the logical data dictionary and corresponding extensible markup language (XML) tags necessary for online transactions will be established.
Danaher adds, "The principal caveat that needs to be understood about XBRL is that it's impossible to say with any degree of certainty that any particular element in the data dictionary for a given company is 100% comparable with the same element for another company, even for a direct competitor in the same industry.
These applications -- the Clinical Data Repository, Healthcare Data Dictionary, Enterprise Master Patient Index, Clinical Workstation Application, Clinical Documentation Application, Clinical Pathways Software, and Alert Management Software -- work seamlessly to integrate data from multiple care locations into individual, longitudinal patient records.
SALT LAKE CITY, Utah -- 3M Health Information Systems, an international leader in ICD-9 and ICD-10 coding and clinical terminology management, has released the 3M ICD-10 Code Translation Tool, now fully integrated with 3M's medical vocabulary server, the 3M Healthcare Data Dictionary, to provide a single source solution for translating and converting ICD-9 based applications to ICD-10.
EASTERN SOFTWARE CORPORATION, SHARON, Pennsylvania, has announced it has developed an XML (extensible markup language) interface tool that supports the entire MISMO data dictionary.
Stonefield Query's SDK features a configuration utility to create the data dictionary, configuration, and script files for developers' own databases or existing company database software.
The Anesthesia Patient Safety Foundation (APSF) formally announced the launch of the Data Dictionary Task Force (DDTF) - a collaboration with manufacturers of anesthesia information management systems to define a common set of data elements required in an electronic anesthesia record.
The vehicle aspects are being developed and evaluated through VSCC / CAMP (represents seven major automotive manufacturers) and SAE is developing the message set, data dictionary and application framework standards.