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the state of being secret

discretion in keeping secret information

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By adding this new data confidentiality capability in our data enrichment platform, we're expanding the types of sensitive data sets that can be processed by our customers.
The report said: "Medical device purchasing procedures should include a stringent requirement to consider data confidentiality and security.
This will enable Maveric's clients secure their customer interaction channels protect data confidentiality and risk management.
The certification means that the UK Government's National Technical Authority for Information Assurance, CESG, has verified that the appliances meet the claims made for data confidentiality, integrity and availability.
It details the major mobile standards for securing mobile communications, and examines the architectures able to provide data confidentiality, authentication, integrity, and privacy in various wireless environments.
This delivers greater network security and data confidentiality.
We recently selected the NC-1100 to front-end the district's student grades, on-line recruitment, employee self service portal and high school mathematics applications to assure data integrity and data confidentiality.
An intelligent storage network also enhances data replication through write acceleration, compression and encryption to improve application performance, reduce WAN latency bottlenecks and enhance data confidentiality.
With one device deployed at each facility (and supporting pairs of devices for those sites requiring fault tolerance), Net encryptors provide both data confidentiality and endpoint authentication for network traffic, resulting in high-confidence VPN communications.
Helpful appendices include comparisons of changes in legislative language over the years, information about selected relevant organizations, a literature review of research related to IRB operations, and a commissioned chapter on data confidentiality issues.
The Ministry of Defence (MoD) had said the merger raised concerns about data confidentiality and 'maintenance of a UK capability to develop, operate and maintain military capability'.
As Houlin says, PRG-Schultz is attuned to each client's individual needs, considerate of key client and vendor relationships, protective of client data confidentiality and sensitive to client data integrity.
Lee was charged not with treason but with violating what Wu calls "obscure federal statutes on nuclear data confidentiality.
It provides comprehensive facilities for secure PIN processing, card and message authentication, data confidentiality and the associated key management.
Certificate-based authentication offers greater data confidentiality and integrity than regular PIN/password systems because its algorithms would take even the most sophisticated hackers years to crack.