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a conference of people who are in different locations that is made possible by the use of such telecommunications equipment as closed-circuit television

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com/), a leading provider of integrated conferencing solutions, today announced the launch of the Spectel DataXchange(TM) application featuring advanced data conferencing functionality and real-time application sharing for enhanced Web meetings.
The advent of free conferencing is driving up the usage of data conferencing solutions from vendors such as Citrix," explained David Erickson, founder and CEO, Free Conferencing Corporation of America.
With enterprise support for converged voice and data networks, integration with Cisco CallManager, breakthrough data conferencing features, and new e-conferencing portal functionality, MeetingPlace 2000 is designed to make real-time collaboration as universal and effortless and e-mail.
Emblaze-VCON 's meeting and collaboration solutions include desktop and group videoconferencing products, audio conferencing products, data conferencing products and management systems.
MeetingPlace is Latitude's real-time collaboration solution that enables "virtual meeting" capabilities by integrating voice and data conferencing at the desktop.
Combining voice, video and data conferencing in one easy-to-use Web-based solution, Arel fosters interactive communications that significantly improve work environments today.
In addition to simplifying management of conferencing applications on a converged IP network, MeetingPlace IP also provides the foundation for a new generation of value-added solutions that incorporate integrated voice and data conferencing as a core capability; for example, a user with single line access can now participate in a voice and data conference.
Frontier ConferTech's data conferencing services allow users to broadcast slides, graphics and documents over the Internet, while simultaneously conducting a traditional audioconference call.
British Telecommunications has an established reputation as a provider of high quality video and data conferencing products and services, and the new DVS100 joins an already extensive portfolio of own brand systems alongside PictureTel and Intel products.
OutReach and Microsoft Corporation have been working together to support the emerging data conferencing standard, T.
NEW YORK -- Arkadin SA, a global provider of audio and data conferencing services, today announced that effective November 1, 2005 it has acquired the business of Scherers Conferencing, Inc.
120 standards-compliant data conferencing server that supports H.
Conference Plus, a Westell subsidiary, offers conferencing services including voice, video, and IP data conferencing, to carriers and multi-national corporations throughout the world.
This new product is an enhancement to and will be included as part of PictureTel's LiveShare(TM) Plus data conferencing software.
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