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In addition, a number of these data bases are accessible through the online tax service vendors on a "gateway" basis or, in some instances, on CD-ROM.
In larger data bases, the computations are more complicated, but the idea is basically the same (see box).
Fans will have tickets wirelessly scanned and the data sent over fiber optic lines to a ticket central data base for on-the-spot verification.
Means and Fast-Est possess with construction cost data bases and hand-held computer technology will greatly increase Compu-U-Claim's value for our customers," said Larry Wilson, PMSC president and chief executive officer.
Most of the bibliographic data bases will also be available, Fasana said.
The computer serves as a central information bank, or data base, holding details of parts, orders, history, etc.
Tests show that this type of computer, for instance, given a list of 1,500 cities in one data base, takes about 20 seconds to answer: "What is the average population of cities?
The company's primary products, Timeline Analyst and Timeline Budgeting, provide reporting, budgeting and consolidations through client/server and desktop software applications based on Windows/Windows NT and Microsoft Office systems and data marts built in Oracle, IBM or Microsoft relational data base management systems.
The DoDDS data bases may cover various educational topics, including literature, geography, local customs, etc.
Morowitz of Yale University cites the data bases of DNA and protein sequences already in operation.
Ron Landers, formerly Data Base Administrator, has been promoted to associate director of Filmed Entertainment and Studio Information Services.
Similarly, as the ISDN capability is deployed and libraries and data bases are prepared, students at home or in a university, for example, will be able to access remote libraries and other data bases for documents, images and slow-speed videos.
ca (click) department data bases, (click) mineral resource data bases, (click) Saskatchewan mineral deposit index, (click) search the mineral deposit index, (enter) 0663 in smdi field and (enter) George Lake in location field and (press) submit.
Cubic provides technical assistance in preparing the scenarios, computer hardware, software and data bases for the Marine Corps training audiences.
Since it provides commercial benefits, as well as security measures, shippers and carriers are more willing to comply by integrating their data bases with government data bases to make the process seamless.